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People work most of their lives. This means that the business rhythm and working atmosphere, which we surround ourselves with, largely suggest our quality of life and have a direct impact on our health and emotional state.

BODYLIFE is a company with a young, dynamic team and flexible policy. Our activity is a response to an increasingly challenging and stressful way of life, and to the lack of opportunity for people to spend their time on physical exercise and relaxation. The results of health statistical surveys are becoming increasingly worrying – many working days are lost each year as a result of overwork and overload of employees. Every two out of three medical consultations are stress-related.

Office massages are an adequate solution to this problem. This service is wide-spread in the UK, USA, Japan, Germany and other developed countries.

We adopted experience from internationally approved practices, considering the nature of the business community in Bulgaria, offering a suitable form of massage that can be done at the office, at home or wherever it is suitable for you in a pre-specified time zone.


The essence of an Office massage

A brief 10-15 minute massage. The customer is dressed and seated. The Office massage consists of a series of effective techniques based on stretching, acupressure and massage of problematic areas where stress and fatigue accumulate most – the back, neck, shoulders and arms. Specific point pressure is used to directly affect the muscles, joints, and the autonomic nervous system.


Preventative care is better than treatment!

Massage is not a luxury, but one of the components of a healthy life. Regular procedures tailored to your program will prevent future accumulation of stress. BODYLIFE encourages you to continue with procedures to prevent illnesses and maintain a good physical and emotional state. Once you show signs of improvement, we will continue to work with you to preserve the harmony and balance we have achieved.

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Benefits of the Office massage

  • Soothes the nervous system and reduces stress
  • Increases the flow of oxygen into the body and brain, removes toxins
  • Relieves general muscle pain and tension
  • Increases tone and energy, improves concentration and relieves mental fatigue
  • Improves productivity
  • Alleviates and compensates for the negative effects of long-term work

Benefits for the working environment

  • Reduces employee absence from work
  • Improves joint office and personal forces
  • Provides conditions for stress relief within the working day and turns the office into a place not only for errands and workload, but also for pleasure and relaxation
  • Increases the team’s capacity
  • Enhances the team’s confidence in the company management
  • Companies that included massage therapy at work have reported increased concentration and creative activity among staff, reduced distraction, and a significant decrease in work-related stress, which causes anxiety, uneasiness and other disorders.


Physiological benefit 0
Psychological benefit 0
Emotional benefit 0
Physiological benefit
  • Stimulates blood circulation and assists lymphatic system
  • Supports the functions of the excretory system
  • Balances the functions of the nervous system
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Relieves accumulated tension, restores flexibility and optimizes muscle tone
  • Relieves muscular spasms and cramps
  • Facilitates breathing by slowing and adjusting it, helps for deep breathing
  • Increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to cells (especially brain cells)
  • Reduces pain and swelling by stimulating endrophins in the brain
  • Lowers blood pressure and regulates it
  • Increases the tone of the skin
  • Allows the body to withstand an increased load
Psychological benefit
  • Reduces mental stress and promotes good quality sleep
  • Improves concentration
  • Supports the ability for clear thinking and creativity
  • A prerequisite for proficient mental rest and full interaction with others
  • Increases stress-resistance ability and improves adaptability
Emotional benefit
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Creates an optimum condition that is a prerequisite for confidence and success
  • Reduces sense of isolation
  • Increases the perception of complete body connectivity
  • Office massages are an excellent therapeutic technique before and / or after tense negotiations and discussions